Our work is motivated by our desire to bring about positive change through technology. Our vision is one of ubiquitous computing, with products and services that add value to organizations and individuals alike. The work that we do for the public centers around understanding the people's needs and respecting their wants


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Our Values
What we do on a daily basis and the positive impact that we try to have on our clients is shaped largely by the set of core values that all of us at i-Meliore share and uphold:

1. Results-driven professional approach
Our work and our success rely on the professionalism that we adopt and on the process that we chart and follow. At the same time, our focus remains on understanding the business problem at hand and on delivering the end result. What we strive for is high-quality solutions that effectively address the clients' problems. Part of what identifies i-Meliore is this fundamental combination of process and product that we focus on with each engagement.

2. Respect for the individual
We encourage and embrace diversity, believe in leveraging each person's strengths, and respect people's differences in style, perspective and background. Within i-Meliore, people can use their work to reach their fullest potential supported by an environment of equal opportunities and caring meritocracy. When problems arise, we strive to resolve them collaboratively and in a way that is respectful towards individuals.

3. Integrity
We operate under the high standards of professional and personal ethics that permeate the company's mission and vision. Our deep and long-lasting relationships are based on trust. In order to build and maintain that trust we are expected to be honest and open with clients and colleagues alike. Integrity is intertwined with how we conduct ourselves both as professionals and as individuals. It defines the way we treat our clients, our fellow employees as well as the public that makes use of our products and services.

4. Teamwork

Our organization grows based on the complementary strengths of its people. To leverage our resources and our people's capabilities in meeting client needs, we cooperate and collaborate within and across workgroups and teams. We share successes and failures, learn from each other and thereby improve our collective results. Based on trust and respect for each other, we share information, set and communicate common objectives and standards.

Our Aspirations
To support our mission as an organization and based on our guiding principles, we have formed the following four main aspirations:

  • Provide to our clients outstanding service as well as sound solutions to their business problems.

  • Attract and retain exceptional people who can contribute to the growth of our organization.

  • Enhance people's experiences through technologies that show an understanding of their needs as well as respect for their wants.

  • Maintain our ethics, our values and our high quality standards as the organization grows and expands.

  • Intrigued?
    We are looking for motivated, capable individuals who share our values and our passion for what we do. If you consider yourself an innovative thinker, have strong technical skills and would be interested in joining our team, please forward your resume as well as a few paragraphs about yourself to jobs@i-meliore.com. We will invite you for an informal interview if we feel you might be a good fit. Thank you for your interest.



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