i-Meliore's enterprise initiatives are supported by the industry research that we perform. You can read about our research interests and peruse some of our publications in the e-Learning Center section of the web site


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Enterprise Initiatives

This is one of the areas in which i-Meliore excels. We focus on initiatives that result in comfortable, customizable service for customers and produce relationship-building results for service providers. The foundation for our personalization efforts is provided through a solid information architecture that is based on user, business as well as context needs and constraints. We do not adopt a technology-first approach but rather attempt to develop information architectures that will outlast technology trends.

Through our personalization platforms we provide venues for:

• Customization: Allowing users to build their own channels of information.
• One-to-one service: Allowing customers to receive personalized treatment based on their own needs and wants.
• Collaborative filtering: Leveraging group behavior and preferences to improve the service level of the individual customer.

Security and Survivability
Survivability is an emerging discipline that blends computer security with business risk management. Traditional computer security is a highly specialized discipline that seeks to thwart intruders through technical means that are largely independent of the domain of the application or system being protected. In contrast, survivability has a very sharp mission focus: to not only thwart computer intruders, but also to ensure that mission-critical functions are sustained and an essential set of services is delivered, despite the presence of cyber-attacks. i-Meliore provides survivability solutions that expand beyond purely "one size fits all" technical solutions to include fault tolerance, reliability, usability and so forth.

Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management is the process through which organizations generate value from their intellectual and knowledge-based assets. Most often, generating value from such assets involves sharing them among employees, departments, and even with other companies in an effort to devise best practices. i-Meliore can help companies develop and deploy knowledge management systems that will foster innovation within the organization, improve customer service, boost revenues by getting products and services to market faster, streamline operations and reduce costs by eliminating redundant or unnecessary processes.



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