Create cost-effective solutions ... Our work is not just about solving problems; it is about solving problems with economical use of all resources.
... to practical problems ... We deal with practical problems whose solutions matter to our clients.
... by applying scientific knowledge ... We approach problems in a particular way: by applying science, mathematics, and design analysis.
... to building things ... We place emphasis on the solutions.
... in the service of mankind. Through our research, enterprise initiatives, products and services we not only service the immediate customer, but we also develop technology and expertise towards our vision of connected ecosystems*


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About i-Meliore

We are a professional services company dedicated to solving business problems for clients. In our effort to increase the effectiveness and quality of our results, we also offer a range of products and services both in conjunction with custom-built solutions as well as in the form of outsourcing engagements. Our enterprise initiatives are fueled by the industry research that we perform in areas such as intelligent agent technology, web services, traditional application development and more.

A common vision within i-Meliore is to help build systems and services that will enable the next-generation connected ecosystems that industry leaders such as HP, Microsoft and IBM have in the works. Our dedication to our clients and our attentive positioning within this realm fuel our ability to provide flexible and dependable solutions. Our clients receive the benefit of evaluating all available options for building systems that meet their needs while potentially giving them competitive advantages as new opportunities emerge in the world of ubiquitous computing.

i-Meliore employs experienced and motivated, highly capable individuals with complementary strengths and backgrounds. The intensely technical skills of some of our people provide the means for technologically rock-solid deliverables, yet the company's focus on understanding the actual problem in order to provide complete solutions often demands deep industry, business and even marketing skills.

The profiles of our three Principal Consultants are listed below:

Georgios Markakis
Principal Consultant - IT and Strategy
Melyna Nazri
Principal Consultant - IT and Business
Munjal Kapadia
Principal Consultant - IT and Information Networking

i-Meliore is located in Pittsburgh, PA, a growing technology hub with recognized innovation in such key industry areas as information technology, biomedical/biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, advanced materials for environmental technology and more. Here, companies are developing the next generation of software and Internet applications, researching tomorrow's tissue engineering technologies, and perfecting the latest advanced manufacturing techniques. Pittsburgh is capitalizing on its unique combination of natural and cultural amenities and a strengthening technology infrastructure to fuel its growth.

A great place to live and work, Pittsburgh also offers a range of culture and arts typically found in cities twice its size, while maintaining the safety and accessibility of a small town.

Contact Us
We welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions. For further inquiries or to request information, you may reach us in any of the following ways:

Phone: +1 412 805-6118
Fax: +1 412 681-6118
Address: i-Meliore
4902 Forbes Ave.
Suite 252
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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* Based on Mary Shaw's definition of Engineering. "Prospects for an Engineering Discipline of Software", IEEE Software; November/1990